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In The Age of Information, Ignorance Is a Choice.

📉 A Year-End Pulse Check

Hey y'all, as we gear up for the year-end, I bet many of you are anxiously waiting for that last account statement to hit your mailbox. It's kind of like your financial report card, right? It shows how well your money did this year.

After you check the balance, zoom in on that line that shows the interest you earned or the amount of money your money made. Now, how do you feel?

Real Talk. That number is often a bit of a downer. I mean, seriously, does the interest earned on your savings account even register? Did that account earn you at least a $1000 this year? How about that $50k in your retirement account? Did it earn you at least $4k?

What if this time last year you traded in those boring dust collecting accounts for a real estate investment? Sure, it sounds a bit cliche, but the potential returns are nothing to frown at.

So, sometime over the next few days, as you gather with family/friends and reflect on the year, take a minute to consider how much money your money is making you. Are your dollars really pulling their weight, or are you doing all the heavy lifting?

#Realestate might just be the leverage you've been waiting for.


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