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Open To Work

Let me ask you a few questions: Do you still believe in a W-2? Do you still trust an employer with your financial future? Would you be stressed about finding another job if you had income from a few investment properties?

Across the United States, employers are slashing staff at an alarming rate. Downsizing, layoffs, and restructuring have become common place, leaving individuals like you and many of our friends scrambling to secure their next source of income (commonly referred to as a job).

When faced with sudden unemployment, many now turn to social media and their professional networks in a laser focused search. You update your LinkedIn profile, seek comradery with the "Today I Was Let Go" post, reach out to connections, and attend networking events in the hope of finding that next source of income - quickly.

But here's the thing I do not understand. Why is relying on someone else to provide you with income the default choice.

Let me be clear—I'm not against having an employer. What I am against is relying solely on an employer to provide income for me and my family.

With this thought in mind, imagine a life where you don't stress about being laid off because you have enough passive income to cover your monthly necessities. Whether it's rental income from investment properties, dividends from stocks, or royalties from creative endeavors, passive income offers a peace of mind unlike any source of employment.

At the risk of sounding cliche; now, more than ever, it is absolutely crucial to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. Instead of waiting for an employer to pay you fortnight, create an opportunity that provides a service and solves a problem. Again let me be clear, do not start a side hustle, launch a business.

You Don't Need A Loan, You Need A Customer.

If launching a business is not your thing, then by all means find a job doing something that you're good at and enjoy. However, (and this is not investment advice) a portion of your income should be earmarked for something that is going to pay you - without you working for it. In short, Buy Income. I personally employ this with companies like Fundrise, Cardone Capital, and of course Aionia Capital.

So, when you finish searching Indeed and LinkedIn for your next source of income or commenting on someone's post for reach and visibility, ask yourself are you "Open To Work" on owning your financial future. At some point you should be.

To Your Success.



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