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Have you heard the proverb, "If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"?

I vividly recall how my real estate journey began. It started with a step-by-step guide I purchased from an infomercial hosted by a guy named Carlton Sheets. The guide, presented in an elegant faux leather binder, promised to reveal the secrets of buying real estate with "No Money Down." I listened to those compact disc religiously!

The knowledge fueled my ambition, but the path to becoming a real estate mogul turned out to be quite different from what I imagined. I started making cold calls and being hung-up on, walking distressed properties and being told I was trespassing, and sending handwritten letters that received "return to sender" replies. Despite following the strategies of my newly found mentor, I hadn't achieved the success of purchasing a property with no money down. However, I did find opportunity.

After developing a business plan, proforma, and rental market analysis, I secured investors, obtained access to a line of credit, and signed a personal guarantee with a lengthy promissory note. My dream of becoming a real estate mogul was finally coming true. Almost.

The Real Professor

My first asset under management was a two story brick house in the Central West End of St. Louis, MO, situated in the Gas Light Square neighborhood. This property, built in the 1890s, taught me everything that the three-ring binder could not. Despite facing numerous unimagined challenges and unforeseen hurdles, the involvement of like-minded individuals willing to invest in their future made all the difference. Together, we embraced the time-tested truth of real estate and persevered. That experience serves as my foundation of confidence and the joy of knowing financial freedom. In other words, I would happily do it all again.

While my formal education could have paved the way for a conventional career, I realized it required a consistent trading of my time and presence for money. That is a path history has proven does not create wealth.

Here Comes The Sale

No, I am not asking you to enroll in a course and become one of my many successful students or start a construction project that remodels everything but the bricks, mortar, and original hardwood floors. Rather, I am asking you to consider what we can achieve together.

The house in St. Louis is still there. Sure it has sold a few times and I have no clue who the residents are. Nonetheless, it serves as a testament to passive income benefiting someone—be it an individual or an entity. The income is providing financial support to someone's family, funding education, sponsoring travel, paying bills, and of course acquiring other income-generating assets.

Now imagine what passive income looks like for you. Imagine what it feels like to be on PTO but you do not "have to go back". Imagine when we collaborate and buy that apartment complex, mobile home park, or a self-storage facility you saw the other day. That is real estate syndication. That is Aionia Capital.

To Your Success.


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